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As a freelance you are looking for the best service available in Pakistan to receive your international payments so do not look further. Payoneer is the top-rated online money-transferring service that facilitates freelancers and clients to receive international payments and to receive payments in foreign currencies. All this can be done by a single account such as to pay and get paid globally by any international client. This service offers you borderless payment and facilities for online money transfers.

Most of the leading brands and freelance marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, CrossOver, Airbnb, and Envato trust Payoneer because the payment method is quick and secure.

We, at LearnDailyTech, have written a comprehensive blog post on Payoneer in Pakistan, considering its significance. Just keep on reading to know the features and process of using it.


Payoneer account signup

If you are an ID card holder you can easily open your account. To sign-up, go to the website and follow these steps to create your Account

  1. Fill in the Basic Details  >> Name

                                >> Email

                                >> Date of Birth

  • Add Contact Details   >> Country

                                >> Address

                                >> City

                                >> Phone Number

  • Add Security Details  >> Password

                                >> Id Card Number

  • Add Bank Details      >> Bank Name

                                >> Branch Name

                                >> Account Name

                                >> Account Number

                                >> Swift Code

That’s it, Payoneer will take 2-3 days for verification of your details and in 10 working days, your Account details will be given to you.

Payoneer Login

After receiving your account details, you have to activate your account. Here are the steps you can do online to activate your account and it does not charge any fee.

  1. Login the account >> Enter Username & Password
  2. Select the account you want to activate – if it’s your first account it will be automatically selected.
  3. Click on “View your status and activate your account”

                                 >> Click “Activate”

                                 >> Add 16 digit Card Number

                                 >> Select 4-digit PIN

Congratulations! Now you have an activated account.

How does Payoneer work in Pakistan?

It is legal and a trusted payment-receiving method in Pakistan. Once you get to register and have an account, you can receive your international payments from forums that support Payoneer like Upwork and Fiverr. Also, you can receive international payments from private clients that are not on these Payoneer-linked sites via the “Request a Payment” option.

This service virtually sets local bank accounts for you in different countries. You can use these local receiving accounts to accept USD, GBP, EUR, MXN, CAD, and other global currencies. In whichever country the client has paid, you will get paid as a local as if you are a local bank account holder.

Once you receive your payments, this gives you 2 options to withdraw your money either through a Payoneer card or through your local bank account. I have discussed each later in this blog. ATMs of Standard Chartered, MCB, and Faysal Bank support Payoneer in Pakistan. Other local banks’ customer support may be contacted to know if they support Payoneer money withdrawals.

You can also cross-transfer money between two Payoneer accounts without any transfer fees.

Payoneer vs PayPal – Why it is better than PayPal

PayPal is not available in Pakistan and considering the benefits of Payoneer I would suggest getting your payment through Payoneer. This service being transparent has no hidden fee. You will get your money at 70% reduced transfer fees as compared to standard wire transfers.

You can have payments in different currencies as Payoneer virtually creates your account in different currencies. The funds can be withdrawn locally from your local bank account.

It is integrated with many freelancer marketplaces and makes it very simple and easy for freelancers to receive their payments. This service allows you the “Request a Payment” option to get payment from any of your private clients directly.

The Payoneer mobile app is great that allows you to be in touch on the go.

Payoneer Payment Request Option

If you have a private client, this is a great option for you. Now you can send your client “request a payment” to get your payment. Here are the steps to follow

                          >> Login to your Account

                          >> Select “Receive”

                          >> Click “Request a Payment”

                          >> Enter the Payer email address and Select Account

                          >> Enter Payment Details

                          >> Click “Request Payment”

That’s it, the client will receive an email of this payment and they will pay through the account or Credit/Debit card. 2-3 business days are required to receive your payment in the account.

How I withdraw money

You can withdraw funds from your account in 2 ways

  1. Through a local Bank account

You can withdraw funds from Payoneer service to your local bank account, Follow these steps

                          >> Login to your Account

                          >> Go to Settings from Main Menu

               >> Click “Bank Account”

                          >> Select “Bank Account for Withdrawal”

                          >> Select “Your Account”

                          >> Enter Bank Details

After this, you will receive the confirmation email and within 3 business days, money will be transferred to your bank account.

  • Through Payoneer Card

If you have 100$ in your account or 30$ in your Fiverr account, You can apply for a Card. Follow these simple steps             

                          >> Login to your Account

                          >> Click Payoneer Card

                          >> Enter Address

Once you receive your Payoneer Card, you are all set to use this card to withdraw your money at an ATM.

Is it Safe?

From the positive reviews of millions of customers worldwide, it is easy to say that Payoneer is a safe platform. Several well-known companies trust their services. On a single, secure platform, you can pay and receive payment from global marketplaces and direct clients.

Countries where Payoneer is available

Payoneer supports local bank account withdrawals in 150 countries. You don’t have to look for money transfer alternatives. They are high-priced and charge so much for a single transaction. To receive your international payments, this is a risk-free option to avail.


If you are into e-commerce, content marketing, digital marketing, business, or freelancing, your source of income can be from any place around the world. Payoneer is one of the best platforms that make it easy for you to receive that money without any hassle and extra fees.

I hope this blog post is helpful. How do you receive your international payments? Do let us know in the comments down below.


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