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Payment Methods: Local Clients

Pakistan has been ranked 4th in terms of providing freelancing services. There is a huge market for freelancers out there to provide top-selling services. Freelancing is booming in Pakistan and the future is undoubtedly digital. This has created a strong urge in youth to opt for freelancing to earn a handsome amount. As a freelancer, you work with local clients using online freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,, etc. The client in the end pays you for the services. There are certain Payment Methods used for Local Clients.

Payment Methods: Local Clients

Being new to the freelancing world you may be skeptical about certain things like how to receive payments, which payment method will work best for me, is this particular method worth it. And that thought is totally fine. Why?

Because digital payment systems can be challenging as there is the possibility of fraud and threats in them. So, freelancers must tread carefully while picking a payment method. While considering such a decision, safety checks must be undertaken.

Here are the freelancing Payment Methods: Local Clients to receive money.


If you are an 18+ freelancer but don’t own a bank account you can get your payments from JazzCash. All you will need is a valid CNIC. Download the JazzCash app and link your mobile number and valid CNIC with your JazzCash account via signing up.

The banking app made it possible to receive payments. So, you can easily get money from clients’ JazzCash to yours throughout the country.

JazzCash money transfer method Pros:

  • A new feature by JazzCash is “direct money withdraw from Payoneer”. Pakistani freelancers can link their Payoneer account with the JazzCash account to withdraw money.
  • It will allow the transfer of money to a popular Pakistani bank account.

Bank Transfer

If you are providing your freelancing services from Pakistan and your client is also from Pakistan, you can just get a local bank transfer. It is an easy and safest method.  

Having a local bank account is vital since it offers you with professionalism and trustworthiness. A Client can simply transfer money from his bank account to yours. Share your necessary details like name and account number with your client and within a few minutes, money will be transferred. 

If both parties have accounts in the same bank then there will be no charges applied but there can be some minor percentage of deduction if the client wants to send money to an account of a different bank. Money transfer is completely free but there is some transfer limit, exceeding that limit, and different banks have their deduction policies. 

Bank transfer method Pros:

  • Reliable and Secure method
  • No new account opening hustle

Easy Paisa

If you are underage and do not have a bank account, as a fallback option you can use Easy Paisa. It’s a user-friendly money-transferring service. Easy paisa has made money transferring so easy and smooth, just get the easy paisa app downloaded on your phone. 

Money can be sent to any easy paisa account holder in a single click and that too free of cost. Also, money can be quickly transferred to any bank account or easy paisa account in Pakistan.

Easy Paisa money transfer method Pros:

  • High money transfer limits: 50000 PKR daily money transfer limit and 200000 PKR monthly limits.
  • Money transfer to any bank account


SimSim is Pakistan’s digital payment app introduced by FINCA Microfinance Bank. 

It offers cash transfers but it has some transaction limits.


It allows free instant money transfer from a SadaPay account to any bank account or wallet account like Easy Paisa, JazzCash, or SadaPay within Pakistan.


This branchless banking service is introduced by Ufone Company. Upaisa is a wallet-based payment system. To open a Upaisa account you have to dial *786# and visit a franchise to verify your CNIC and get a Biometric done to get started

Wire Transfer

It is an electronic medium for transferring payments between two different banks. It is somewhat more costly than a bank transfer. In 1-5 days money gets transferred from one account to another.

Take Away

Pakistani freelancers dealing with local clients throughout the country can use any of the above methods to receive money from their clients. My top recommendations would be JazzCash, Easy Paisa, and Bank Transfer.

Look for which payment method is suitable for you. If you are an account holder can use a bank transfer. Or if you are an underage freelancer can go for easy paisa and JazzCash. If you want to use wallet based system, go for SadaPay, SimSim, Upaisa, JazzCash, and Easy Paisa.

As a Pakistani freelancer, Payment Methods for Local Clients are different from Payment Methods: for International Clients. when you are dealing with international clients then these payment methods do not work there for all situations. Other payment methods that are covered in our next article Payment Methods: International Clients you must go through, Give it a read to know the best payment methods for Pakistani freelancers.

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