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Drop shipping

Drop shipping

Do you know you can have an online store and sell your products worldwide? Running a store and selling goods are complex tasks. Thanks to the internet in the modern era, which makes this incredibly simple through Drop shipping. If you’re wondering how I can start dropshipping, a smartphone or laptop and a stable internet connection are needed. You will be successful soon if you work hard and diligently. There are numerous examples of youngsters that are earning from home. All you need is market research and confidence in yourself.

Drop shipping is a retail business model that helps you easily earn through selling a product online. You play the part of a middleman or intermediary when dropshipping. You advertise and sell the products from supply chain partners/suppliers in your store and sell them for a profit. After a customer purchases a product at your store, you order the item from the suppliers, who then send it right to the buyer.

With far less cost and much more flexibility, it is undoubtedly more convenient than opening a physical store. You might see some small online businesses on websites or Instagram. Having an online store, you only have to pay for your online account, web hosting, product cost, packaging, and shipment. 

Drop shipping
Drop shipping

How Drop shipping Works

  • Create your online store and add products to sell.
  • Customers place orders at your online store.
  • You contact suppliers to order goods.
  • Suppliers packaged the products and shipped them directly to customers.

Pros of Drop shipping

·  No extra costs

Isn’t it exciting that you can do business without spending a dime? Yes, with dropshipping, you don’t have to buy stocks of products. There is no need to maintain any inventory. All the products being displayed online have a supplier whom you can contact upon receiving an order from the client. You don’t have to maintain any physical stocks. This comes with a plus point as it further reduces any costs that are being spent on warehouse rent and staff wages.

· Less time wastage

Everything being online saves a lot of your time. With a single click, the client can place his/her order, and within no time you can contact the supplier to get the order packed and delivered to the client’s address. You can start your business and begin earning money in a short period.

· No Upfront Inventory Cost

You being a drop shipper, concentrate solely on distribution and customer satisfaction. You will outsource manufacturing and logistics. As a result, the drop shipper picks up customer orders and forwards them to third-party suppliers, who will then ship directly to those customers. Drop shipping allows running a business without incurring operational costs or managing logistical challenges. It saves you from the hassle of maintaining an inventory.

Drop shipping Business for Freelancers

To start with drop shipping, you have to look for trendy products. Now-a-days, it is quite easy to look for popular items from Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, Trendhunter, etc. A huge number of freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork are providing their dropshipping services.

Here are drop shipping business ideas you can do from your house.

1. Decor items

Everyone loves to decorate his home and workplace. You can sell unique and beautiful decoration pieces. It is an evergreen business idea, and you can fetch a lot of money per piece.

2. Art

The majority of people buy art pieces. You can ship them to their address. You can sell coloring books, Wall Art, Printables, paintings, Canvas, and Resin Art. Now a days, this is one of the most profitable industries.

3. Clothing

You can drop ship dresses and trendy clothing items like sweatshirts, cargo pants, mom jeans, hoodies, T-shirts, etc.

4. Jewelry and Accessories 

Jewelry and fashion accessories like shoes, bags, eye wears, and hair accessories are always in demand. By 2023 these items will be more popular. With these, your drop shipping startup will be lucrative.

5. Books

Though the digital medium is taking over everything, there is still room for printable books. Reading is one of the most popular habits, and people prefer books over pdfs and downloadable materials.

You can start a drop shipping business selling books that are fictional, non-fictional, religious, language, academic, or course books.

6. Beauty products

The most money-making drop shipping business is beauty products. The cosmetic and skin care industry has a large number of customers, and the demand for products is growing every day.

From makeup to skin care products, everything is in high demand. You can dropship makeup products like foundations, concealers, makeup palettes, powders, sprays, lipsticks, balms, tints, sunscreens, masks, creams, and moisturizers. The list is extensive, and so is the earning potential.

7. Electronics

You can source popular goods like chargers, headphones, memory cards, speakers, kettles, cameras, kitchen electronic supplies, etc, to turn this market into a remunerative dropshipping business.

8. Pet products

Many people nowadays have pets, and you can drop ship pet-related items like pet food, feeding bowls, collars, leashes, and litter boxes.  

9. Car Accessories 

Because countless users have so much love for cars. You can have a drop shipping car accessories business to provide them with authentic supplies.

People are always searching for these items so that you can drop ship car accessories such as car cleaning kits, car wheel covers, car mats, organizers, holders, wiper blades, neck pillows, etc.


If you want to do an e-commerce business with no prior investment, drop shipping is the simplest way to start it without purchasing any items beforehand. You can easily find numerous products that you can sell online. Use dropshipping apps and look for trendy items. Get those products from suppliers and, without investing in warehousing or manufacturing costs, sell to customers worldwide. You do not have to pay for the inventory until it is sold to the customer. 

Dropshipping works for most online store ideas; from online jewelry stores to home tools, you can sell anything online. Isn’t it great? 

If you want to start your own business from home, dropshipping is a great way to get started. Give it a try.

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