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Amazon is the world's largest and leading online retailer. Initially established on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezof as an online bookseller.

What is Amazon? Amazon is the world’s largest and leading online retailer. Initially established on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezof as an online bookseller, the company has since expanded to become a prosperous global business empire.

It is a hub of e-commerce business and is reported to export more than 45 million goods globally. You can explore and find millions of products. With a single click, you can get an item right to your doorstep. 

It is the preferred website for both online buyers and sellers because of its convenience. You can shop for anything from Amazon as it offers a range of products. Enlist below is a list of product categories you can sell.


· Arts and crafts

· Beauty and Personal care

· Pet supplies

· Electronics

· Instruments 

· Software

· Computer Smart home

· Automotive

· Health

· Fashion

· Home and Kitchen

· Household

· Tools and Home Improvement

· Toys and games

· Sports 

· Movies and Television

· Industrial and Scientific

How To Start Selling on Amazon

If you want to leverage your e-commerce business, you should consider selling on amazon. Let’s see how you can get started

1.    Pick a selling strategy

Before starting selling on Amazon you have to select a selling plan. Your selling plan, category of product, shipment method, and other factors will all affect how much it ends up costing to sell items on Amazon. 

Amazon has 2 selling plans; Individual and Professional Plans, which charge $0.99 per item sold and $39.99 per month, respectively. Each plan has its unique features, and you can see which plan better suits your requirements and if you want to pay per sale or want a flat monthly fee. 

2.    Consider your sales approach

After having a selling strategy, you can decide on a sale approach for yourself. Either you want your products to sell, or you want to sell already existing popular products in the Amazon store. Selling your product under your private brand/label, as most brand owners do, is a preferred selling approach. It takes some time to establish one’s reputation, but once you have, you can earn many bucks from Amazon.

You can also resell items that are being sold in the market and are pretty trendy and in demand. 

Depending on your preference, you can have either one of the above or a combination of both in your sales strategy.

3.    Register as a seller

You have to create your Amazon seller account. Sign up with your email and start selling your products on Amazon. If you already have a customer account you can use that for selling too.

4.    Adding products

From the categories that Amazon supports, you can select products that suit you to sell. A simple seller account is necessary for certain categories, while some categories are only meant to be sold by professional seller accounts. Certain categories contain items that cannot be sold by third-party sellers.

5.    Attract clients

After choosing the products you’ll be selling and placing them in your Amazon store, it’s time to draw customers in. You must strategically advertise your offer to attract potential buyers. Offer prompt delivery services and more competitive pricing for the goods.

How Amazon has achieved such great success

·       Diverse Marketplace

Amazon began modestly by selling books, and today it offers over 12 million different products. Any item you look up, someone up there is selling it.

Products from numerous categories, including beauty, electronics, health, automotive, grocery, music, and clothing, are available on Amazon. Because of its diversity, it is more accessible to everyone, and each person uses Amazon for his or her own needs.

·       Advancement and Innovative Ideas

Innovation is the first thing that Amazon upholds. As a result, it has developed cutting-edge technology and practices after realizing that the modern world requires modern technologies. This has contributed to the success of the e-commerce industry today.

·       Outstanding Relation With Retailers

Amazon has strong vendor relationships that enable them to provide customers with special pricing. It quickly ships goods and services to customers through various distribution channels. Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer cares about what the customers want and need.

·       High-Quality Customer Support

Amazon is renowned for providing top-notch customer service. It enables customers to quickly return or exchange the ordered product and allows them to keep track of their ordered package.

The buyers’ online shopping experience is wonderful because it has made things simple and convenient for them.

The customer service team is always on hand to help customers with their issues and concerns. This aids Amazon in winning over trust-worthy and devoted customers.

·       Excellent End-User Experience

The Amazon website is designed to provide both buyers and sellers with a seamless experience. Customers can quickly find what they’re looking for thanks to effective UX. This also helps the e-commerce business to have more sales as customers can smoothly research, interact and place orders. It has influenced and engaged consumers through the savvy use of technology, turning them into potential customers.

Why choose Amazon

Here are some things to consider if you’re wondering why I should pick this platform:

· Whatever is in your order package is always known to you. There are no unforeseen costs, and the price is what it is.

· As this platform cares about the satisfaction of its customers, you will receive high-quality goods and services.

· They have the best product selection and variety.

· In comparison to any other platform, pricing is reasonable and lowest.

Final Words

Amazon provides goods and services across a wide range of markets, including online shopping, subscription services, and publishing. The company has an enormous selection of products, allowing customers to purchase almost anything, including apparel, household products, accessories, books, gadgets, pet supplies, furniture, toys, and gourmet food.

No matter what your financial status is you can shop on Amazon and can also make money from it. All you will need is some dedicated hours to research your product, and then launch it on the market. Amazon is an amazing platform that offers something for everyone.

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